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Updated: Feb 23

I know firsthand that getting started towards a zero waste home or more sustainable lifestyle can seem overwhelming - believe me, I've been there. I've also been there when my sister, a mother of three, vocalized the same thing to me after I went on a rant about climate change one evening over wine.

While she connected with everything I was saying about how I can't just stand by and keep the same habits I've always had with climate change staring us in the face - she also acknowledged how overwhelming a shift would be with a family of young kids.

So I said. "You know what? Just pick one thing. The rest will follow." And she did exactly that.

It wasn't anything new. It's all over Instagram. I'm sure you've heard it before. And surely you'll hear it after me. But I repeat - just pick one thing!

It gets easy with time. You'll learn how to identify the sustainable options. And soon it'll become second nature. But you have to start somewhere. So really, just pick one thing.

Here are the first five swaps I made towards a zero waste home:

1. Refusing to buy bottled water. We all have a water bottle in our house. I have five. Don't make excuses - just throw it in your bag and don't buy a plastic alternative unless you're about to die from dehydration.

2. Investing in re-useable make up remover pads. This was such a simple one for me that highlighted so many wasteful items in the bathroom. Do we really need to throw those in the bin every night? The answer is no. I found cheap ones for $10 CAD and am still using them a year later.

3. Buying re-useable veggies bags. Again. Really? Use plastic once and throw away? There's got to be a better way. And lucky for you, these are available everywhere now-a-days. I got a multi-pack for $20 and again - they're still with me today.

4. Refusing single use coffee cups. I grabbed a jar, an old piece of fabric and some twine. Tied the cloth to the jar with some twice, and started taking it with me alongside my water bottle. Not only did my coffee taste better, but I started a conversation about the low waste movement every time I ordered one in a café.

5. Shopping at the bulk grocery store. This by far, has been the most fun. Sure it's a shift in how we think about "nipping to the store" when we need something. But I've honestly loved keeping my jars, having a glass filled pantry, and finding new exciting items that I can buy with zero packaging.

So if you're feeling stuck on how to get yourself on the pathway to a zero waste home, just pick one thing, and I guarantee, the rest will become easier!


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