'from passion to purpose' workshop for eco advocates

Starting 25 Oct 2021. Register below!

A FREE workshop hosted by Vanessa Landry

5 days to harness your passion for sustainability and scale your impact in the fight against climate change!

learn how to scale your impact,
design a life you love &
build a legacy you're proud of

Your purpose is more than just the impact and good you want to have in this world, it's also about living out your dreams and designing a life that supports you in achieving them. This workshop will help you identify how to determine what you want and what you need to do to get it.

Anyone can have the impact and life they want. Learn the four key things you need to embrace in order to make your dreams a reality.

Are you ready to take your passion for sustainability to the next level?

What if you could also design a life you love and scale your impact in the fight against climate change in the process?

The ‘From Passion to Purpose Workshop’ is a FREE 5 day journey

where you'll learn how to reach big picture goals and achieve everything you want out of life - in full alignment with your values.

For under an hour a day, you will learn how to harness your passion for even greater impact and achieve all your big picture goals. It’s more than just a few exercises and a plan, and we’ll show the missing link that you’ve been searching for!

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  • We start on October 25 - block your calendar for 12:00-1:00 pm EST.

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who is vanessa landry?

Vanessa Landry is a former c-suite executive and non-profit specialist, who combines her experience in business strategy, team leadership and behaviour change with her passion for sustainability and social impact to help passionate eco advocates dream big, set ambitious goals and design a pathway to achieve them.

She helps women all over the world scale their impact by building the clarity and confidence to take daily committed action towards their goals. 

Connect with Vanessa on Instagram @conscious_footprint or on her website at consciousfootprint.ca

Recordings will be available for 7 days after the workshop starts

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